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We aim to provide you with direct access to an advisor who understands your needs and requirements and who we hope you will enjoy working with. With our origins started in the UAE we are pleased that in 2014 to be located in the United Kingdom.

We can match you with an advisor who has specialist knowledge relating to your needs and requirements. As you can see we cover all the aspects of business and personal consultancy and are particularly motivated to get struggling business and business owners back on track, or at least to a position of safety where losses are contained to a minimum and the business owners are directed properly.

Built on co operative principles we apply the art of cooperation to our business models. We are a service provider who invests in emerging markets throughout the world. You will find all advisors to be courteous and understanding of your needs and who will adopt a pro-active approach towards you. We value our clients and welcome all feedback and suggestions.

Our Headquarters are constantly manned and you can speak to a real person straight away or whenever you would like to receive a call.

IFA Client Testimonial

What a fantastic web site! Apart from looking impressive the site actually delivers what it promises. I am a skeptic to say the least, especially when giving details over the internet, however I am pleased to say that on this occasion my submission paid off. Within one hour of giving my details a nice advisor called Steve rang for a consultation. Great advice was given and I will be now using their services for my financial matters. Thank you!

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